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New Media Forensics Services
At New Media Forensics, I take care to provide my clients high quality services using only forensically sound, and accepted tools and practices. The processes used adhere to best practices as outlined by the Scientific Working Group on Imaging Technology (SWGIT)


Images can be enhanced for the purpose of improving their visual appearance or, to clarify details present in the image but not readily apparent in the original.
Comparison Analysis

Much like the analysis of fingerprints or tool markings, images of unknown objects or persons are compared point for point with known objects or persons establishing similarities and /or differences.
Reverse Projection Photogrammetry

A more precise method of comparison analysis. Known objects are placed in precisely the same position as unknown objects and re-recorded using the same video system as recorded the original scene. The images are then placed one over the other for comparison.  Watch as the date/time stamp in the video below changes from May 6th to June 12th with no chnages in the SUV on the road..
Evidence Review

A thorough review of an existing analysis report confirming or refuting the methods and processes used or opinions formed. This can involve a review of the report itself or a complete rework of all the original evidence.
Courtroom Presentation

Video evidence can be the most powerful evidence used in a courtroom; especially when prepared professionally. I can assemble your video and images into a cohesive package in many popular formats. No more wrestling with awkward video players or searching through file folders while the Judge or Jury wait.
Video Transcoding

There are literally thousands of makes and models of digital video recorders and hundreds of proprietary formats. I can sort out your video files, capture them using forensically sound methods to preserve their integrity and transcode them into usable file formats.
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