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Frame by frame: Canadian video analyst corrects history of iconic Second World War photo of Iwo Jima flag-raising

Adrian Humphreys, The National Post | July 1, 2016 | Last Updated: Jul 2 12:05 AM ET
Hamilton forensic expert finds identity mixup in iconic American photo
By Kelly Bennett, CBC News Posted: Jun 30, 2016 4:46 PM ET
Hamilton Police forensic expert Michael Plaxton analyzed the 'Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima' photo

Tim Bosma trial: Flames seen at MillardAir hangar hours after Tim Bosma disappeared

By Adam Carter, CBC News Posted: Mar 09, 2016 11:53 AM ET
That was just one of the images the jury saw as forensic video analyst Michael Plaxton returned to the witness box and showed security camera footage detailing key moments in the Crown's case
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Canadian video expert has now corrected that error of history, made 71 years ago, following a detailed, frame-by-frame analysis of archival footage and photos taken that day...
Security camera caught moment Tim Bosma’s body was incinerated at Millard’s hangar: prosecution

Adrian Humphreys | March 9, 2016
Michael Plaxton, a forensic video analyst with Hamilton police, detailed what he believes the videos reveal.
Court experience counts for video analyst Plaxton

By Staff
Giving evidence in court as an expert witness is a bit like going to the dentist, Hamilton forensic video expert Michael Plaxton tells
A tattoo, a goatee, a case of beer and a missed train — these disparate items caught on various video cameras led police to a brutal rapist and to his subsequent conviction, 
Collecting, preserving digital evidence can make or break a case: Plaxton

By Rob Lamberti, Contributor
Experience counts when dealing with crucial video evidence says Crystal Beach, Ont. forensic video analyst Michael Plaxton — a member of an elite crowd of only 57 forensic video analysts in the world certified by the Law Enforcement Video Association (LEVA).